No excuses not to vote
No one will have to choose between voting and earning a paycheck or attending class. More time and opportunity to vote will especially be helpful for those with multiple or lower-paying jobs, who can’t afford to take time off.


Spread the load
With a day off, people will be able to vote whenever it is most convenient, reducing peak load times at voting polls. In addition, more people will be able to volunteer as poll workers, and more workplaces and schools could be used as polling places. Lines will be shorter and the experience better.


Build board social norm to vote
With peers, friends and family out of work a natural social awareness and even pressure to get to the polls will emerge. Let’s make it so “everyone’s doing it.”


Celebrate democracy
A holiday will turn voting from a task into a reason for celebration of the democratic process and will underscore the importance, privilege and impact of voting.


Show me who is already giving time