What about the economic repercussions?
One day every four years should not have a huge economic impact. Workplaces and institutions could switch Columbus day and Election Day holidays that year. This movement just encourages individual companies and schools to participate in the holiday so each company can decide based on their financial stability and values around voting. We also recognize not every employee can get a full day off in most companies, but we hope to see creative solutions to drive holiday schedules where possible.

How will COVID-19 affect this movement?
Due to the pandemic, the upcoming Presidential election holds many unknowns. A potential shortage of mail-in ballots opportunities, the fear of infection of poll workers, the closing of polling locations, and public confusion about voting options are some of the concerns of voting activists for the November Election. A day off is especially important amid this pandemic as a way to mitigate these potential complications.

What about essential businesses?
We do not want essential businesses to close for the day. However, these companies can still join the movement by promising to provide paid time off for those wanting the privilege of voting.


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